RJay Haluko

Weatherwise Illustrations

A compilation of my greatest weatherwise illustrations. Over the course of creating and designing the app I’ve made over 25 themes. Below are my favorite eight, all digitally hand painted and meticulously animated by dynamic weather data using the software I designed.

Little Bot

I'm a big fan of Studio Ghibli and much of my paintings draw inspiration from it. Little bot has crashed at the top of a mountain and is forever guarded by her companion. Many of the animations change depending on time of day and weather. 


Tiny Planet

As I was building the software to create weatherwise themes I often got crazy ideas. On of them was to create a tiny planet that slowly rotated. I was also interested in testing particle systems falling toward the planet.


Zen Tree

This is the illustration that start all of it. Zen Tree is the default illustration that comes with weatherwise. When I painted the tree I wanted to make something simple but beautiful and could appeal to the widest audience. Who doesnt like trees?


The Colossus

I might have been playing too much shadow of the colossus at the time, but I enjoyed painting this. I was working on testing the weatherwise software animating joints, and he was a good fit.


Tree of Life

This was a inspired a bit from an old game I loved when I was a kid, Below the Root. It was included in weatherwise as a gift for users that had the app for more than 30 days. I felt like it was good free theme, since it was like the zen tree matured and grew up.


Lost Robot

Another Studio Ghibli inspired theme, this time from robot in the movie Castle in the Sky. I liked the idea of an old robot left in the forest with nothing but wildlife surrounding it.


Bebe & Toots

This is a simple stylized illustration that is more procedural than handcrafted. I drew various elements and had the weatherwise software procedural combine them based on weather data.

8-Bit Windmill

I'm a fan of retro videogames and enjoy creating pixel art. This is an animated pixel art inspired theme with a few hidden throw backs to my favorite retro games.


Weatherwise app & software

Weatherwise is a themeable mobile weather app and software platform built upon a 2D game engine for iOS and Android. I was responsible for leading the development team, the UX, and creative design of the platform.